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I am looking for some samizdat articles written or translated in English or (better) in French. I would like to focus my thesis on the rise of the Velvet Revolution, so from 1986 to 1990.
The best should be some online documents but I would also be ok to borrow some.
Thanks in advance,


Dear Augustine,

we found a few documents, which could help you with your theses.

In the National Library, in Klementinum you can borrow following books for present study:

  • GOETZ-STANKIEWICZ, Marketa, ed. Good-bye, samizdat: twenty years of Czechoslovak underground writing. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1992. XXI, 309 s. ISBN 0-8101-1035-0.

Part of this book is also available on Google books.,+samizdat+:+twenty+years+of+Czechoslovak+underground+writing&source=bl&ots=88jeAtOvfX&sig=DA2ZYV02VzRpQXyluRvC_xsZKuw&hl=cs&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwigpL_jmYrQAhVF1hQKHZltCTQQ6AEIUDAG#v=onepage&q=Good%20bye%2C%20samizdat%20%3A%20twenty%20years%20of%20Czechoslovak%20underground%20writing&f=false

  • SKILLING, H. Gordon. Samizdat and an independent society in Central and Eastern Europe. First published. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, [1989], ©1989. xi, 293 stran. ISBN 0-8142-0487-2.


In library of AV ČR - Ústav pro soudobé dějiny Praha you can borrow following books for present study:

  • MILLER, Frederic P. et al. Velvet Revolution: Dissolution of Czechoslovakia, Samizdat, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Mikhail Gorbachev, Glasnost, Prague Spring, Candle demonstration in Bratislava. Beau Bassin: Alphascript Publ., 2009. 96 s. ISBN 978-613-0-05225-6.


Through licence database EBSCO Discovery service we found a lot of articles in english, which you can study online, if your are a registered member in National library.

  • MACHOVEC, M. The Types and Functions of Samizdat Publications in Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989. Poetics Today. 30, 1, 1-26, 2009. ISSN: 03335372.

  • SCHAPIRO, M. Fading Czech velvet. Nation. 268, 18, 38-41, May 17, 1999. ISSN: 00278378.

•             LUERS, WH. CZECHOSLOVAKIA: ROAD TO REVOLUTION. Foreign Affairs. 69, 2, 77-98, 1990. ISSN: 00157120.

  • RITTER, Daniel P. Civil Society and the Velvet Revolution: Mobilizing for democracy in Czechoslovakia. COSMOS WP 2012/4. 31 s.

In Václav Havel library is available book:

  • PREČAN, Vilém. Samizdat: Alternative Culture in Central and Eastern Europe - from the 1960s to the 1980s. Bremen: The Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen, 2002. 48 s. ISBN 3-936604-00-2.

You can also use the key words and search in Union Catalogue of the ČR, licensed database EBSCo discovery service and Google Scholar. (Catalogues and Databases)


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