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What is the difintion of metadata ?


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The most common phrase of metadata and base of the phrase is "metadata is machine understandable information for the web".

Founder of WWW and creator of present architecture of WWW Tim Berners-Lee says, that "metadata is machine understandable information about web resources or other things" (Berners-Lee, Metadata Architecture, 1997).

In his article Metadata Architecture there you can read that every resources of WWW which you retreive, have information about them.

For example, if you retrieve an object using a protocol HTTP, this protocol allows information about owner, expiry date, etc. and it is metadata.

Metadata can be contained within the document, in the HEAD part, for example.

A lot of interesting information about metedata you can find:

* BERNERS-LEE, Tim. Metadata architecture [online]. W3C, last edit date 2000/09/21. [cit. 2008-21-05]. Available on WWW:

* Dublin Core Metadata Initiative:

* GRADMANN, Stefan. Cataloguing vs. Metadata: old wine in new bottles?[online]. In 64th IFLA General Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 16 - August 21, 1998. Last revision 6 May 2008. [cit. 2008-21-05]. Available on WWW:





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