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Dear Librarian, I am curator of the Jussi Björling Museum in Borlänge, Sweden, where the tenor was born in 1911. He is known to have sung in five opera performances and one concert in Prague in 1936 and 1937. I would appreciate very much if it should be possible to acquire photocopies of program, reviews, etc. from these performances. If so, I will be glad to provide you with the exact dates for his opera performances.
It would be especially valuable if you could help me to establish the exact date and circumstances for his only Prague recital, which, according to interviews he gave in Sweden, must have taken place about 17 March 1937.
If you are not able to help me, I hope that you will refer me to some other institution.


Jussi Björling hat in dem Nationaltheater in diesen Opern gesungen:
17. 3. 1936 - Faust
19. 3. 1936 - Alfred (Traviata)
20. 5. 1936 - Radames
12. 6. 1936 - Manrico
In dem Archiv des Nationaltheaters haben auch die Theaterzettel von diesen Vorstellungen aufbewahrt.






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20.02.2008 16:14

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