Is it possible for you to send in pdf a paper what is in your funds?

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Dear all,

I would like to ask if it is possible to send in pdf format next paper: "Chang, M. L. Y. 1932. Notes on two salamanders from Chekiang, Tylototriton chinhaiensis sp. n., and Triturus sinensis (Gray). Contributions from the Biological Laboratory of the Science Society of China. Zoological Series 8: 201–212. "

Thanks in advance.


Dear Sir,
the periodical you require is not available in a digital version, nevertheless our library has it in its collection in a printed version. If you would like to obtain the article in a PDF file, you will have to come to our library and scan it – the use of our self-service scanner is free of charge, but you have to either register or buy a one-day ticket to enter our library.

You can also copy the article on our self-service copy machine (the service is charged) or you can request an interlibrary reprographic service at your library – our library would send the printed copies by post (printing and postage fee would be charged).

We would kindly like to ask you to let us know, whether you wish to use our services.

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