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Dear Sir I am looking for information in the book "Popis obyvatelstva hlavního města Prahy z roku 1770 by Dr. Eduard Šebesta about families with the surname Preis or Schaffer. I know that one of the children of the families would be Dominicus Preis and Anna Maria Schaffer respectively. They were both quite young, less than 5, at the time. I know that Dominicus Preis became a mason, so his father may also have been one. I would appreciate any help you may be able to give.


First of all we would like to apologize for delayed answer. Unfortunately we did not find requested information in the book "Popis obyvatelstva hlavniho mesta Prahy z roku 1770". In this book was published only description of the Old Town of Prague. In the year 1770 there were four independent royal towns of Prague - Old Town of Prague (Stare mesto prazske), Lesser Town of Prague (Mala Strana or Mensi mesto prazske), Hradcany and  New Town of Prague (Nove mesto prazske). A royal decree merged the four historical Prague Towns into the unified City of Prague managed by one city hall in the year 1784. This book includes results of census in Old Town of Prague, which was aimed at men only. We tried to find some other published lists of people living in Prague in that time, but it seems this information are available on in archival materials.

* SEBESTA, Eduard. Popis obyvatelstva hlavniho mesta Prahy z roku 1770. I., Stare mesto. V Praze : Nakladem Rodopisne spolecnosti ceskoslovenske v Praze, 1933. 387 p.

Preis = Preysz
* Kozi street, No. 735 (No. 914 according to renumbering in the year 1805), T, house sign  "The Head" - in house is also  mentioned Antonin Preysz for-hire henchman (B)
* Tynska stret, No. 126 (No. 625), T, house sign  "The Hussar" - in house is also mentioned Frantisek Preysz municipal sonorous (B)
* Jesuitska street, No. 560 (No. 170), Kl, house sign "The Red Shoe" - in house is also mentioned Frantisek Preysz (house owner) citizen and sword-cutter  with sons Ignac and Frantisek, Jan [probably also his son] sword-cutter assistant was from May 1768 in Mainz [reason is not specified, maybe due to military service, maybe he wandered to Mainz to gain experience etc.]
* u Karolina street, No. 287 (No. 400),  H, house sign  "The Gold Bass" - in house is also mentioned Frantisek Antonin Preysz citizen and surgeon from Touskov (Tuschkau)
* Dusni street, No. 916 (No. 889),  D, house sign "The White Cross" - in house is also mentioned Ignac Preysz non citizen tailor from Kłodzko in Silesia here resident (B)

Schaffer = Schafer
* U mostu street, No. 590 (No. 191), F - in house is also mentioned tailor assistant Jan Schafer from Dlazkovice without legs or feet (D)
* U milosrdných street, No. 791 (No. 856), Hs, house sign "The Chimneysweepers"  - in house is also mentioned Leopold Schafer  (house owner) citizen and master chimneysweeper from Sternberk in Moravia; sons: Josef and Jindrich

(B) - men, which are not able to bear arms due to the age or affections
(D) - men able to bear arms in artillery and supply servis house number in bracket is a new house number according to renumbering made in the year 1805

houses belonged to following parishes:
T = Parish of Panny Marie v Tyne (Virgin Mary in Tyn), Kl = Parish of sv. Klimenta (St. Climent), H = Parish of sv. Havla (St. Gall), D = Parish of sv. Ducha (Holy Ghost), F = Parish is not specified, Hs = Parish of sv. Hastala (St. Hastal).


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