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I am sending this e-mail to you. I want to know the cheif of your library from first to now. please let me know their name, career, and his major in college. It is very urgent work. For example if your library is established 1900, the first cheif of library is the second cheif is please let me know their name, career, and his major in college. I want you to reply as fast as you can. Of course, I know you are busy but I need your help. Please, Please, Please~ I am sorry to disturb you. Thank you, Have a nice day.


Hello, our library was founded in 1777 and from this times there were many chiefs of it. The library also changed its official name. From the beginning it was University library in Prague and after several other names it is now National Library of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, in the years 1949-1958 there was an autonomic section of the whole National and University Library which had the name National Library. The National Library from this period had its own chiefs. (They are at the end of the added list.) We add to our message the list of chiefs of the library from our publication:

Rukovet tistenych knihovnich fondu Narodni knihovny Ceske republiky (Compendium of Printed Book Holdings Housed in the National Library of the Czech Republic) (Prague 2006).

The actual director of the National Library is Pavel Hazuka from the year 2008.

We are afraid but we cannot send you curricula of the directors, our service is only for short and general answers. Some information you will find on the internet (you can search with the names of directors).


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