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In the Royal Library of Copenhagen there is a danish translation of a play by Anton Hykisch. Danish title is "Lyde" ("Sounds")and is from 1970.
It says it is translated from the german and english version. I have not been able to find either, nor the original czech titel. Can you help me with exact references?


We suppose that the radio play from Anton Hykisch which you are interested in could probably be Praskanie (easily translated like "cracking, cracking noise" - from 1966.
In the Encyclopedia of Slovak dramatic arts (original title: Encyklopédia dramatických umeni Slovenska. 1, A-L. Bratislava: Veda, vydavatelstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, 1989. P. 507) is mentioned that in this play Hykisch used surprising and new access to "play of voices". The play was also performed in the radios abroad - Germany (1968), Denmark and Switzerland (1969), Hungary (1970, 1972) and Belgium (1976).

Unfortunately it seems that the play was never published, we did not find it in any available resource (the complete list of resources please see below), so these are the only information we are able to offer you.

Anton Hykisch is Slovak author, not Czech, so maybe you can ask for more information in Slovak libraries (e.g. Slovak national library in Martin - Ask the library -

Searched resources:
* Electronic catalogue of the National Library of CR
* Scanned catalogues of the National Library - General Catalogue II
* Union catalogue of CR (
* Uniform information gateway
* Online databases of Theatre Institute
* Archive of Czech Radio (formerly Czechoslovak Radio, 1938-1992,
* Catalogues and databases of Institute of Czech literature
* Online catalogue of Slovak national library
* Slovak Library - the portal for the access to catalogues and collections of Slovak libraries (


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