1947 European Championship in basketball in Prague

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Between 27 April and 3 May 1947 in Prague there was played European Championship in basketball. I'm looking for the names of Polish referees which refereed games in that tournament and which exactly games they refereed. Probably these details can be found in Czechoslovakian sport newspapers from that time. Hope you will help me. Thank you in advance


Dear Sir,

unfortunately, the periodical „Československý sport“ where, we believe, could be found the most detailed information on the European Championship, has been published since 1953. For the year 1947 we can use just usual daily newspapers as you can see below.

We went through a few issues of Rudé právo (exactly from April 24th to May 7th, 1947) and in the issue from April 26th we have found only preliminary overview of referees for the first day of the championship. Polish referee Czeremetto (we are not absolutely sure with the spelling, the text is very hard to read in this part) was nominated for the game of Bulgaria against Austria held on Sunday, April 27th from 3 o´clock p.m. The second referee should have been chosen Saturday afternoon from candidates who applied for international exames.

In some other daily newspapers from 1947 such as Pravda or Mladá fronta we have discovered more names of Polish referees but we are afraid that the names of Polish referees are sometimes written in different ways, so we would recommend you to try to verify their right form in some other resource.

Mladá fronta:

* 26.4.1947 – Bulgaria vs. Austria, referee Szeremeta (the game mentioned already in our previous e-mail)

* 30.4.1947 – games in basic group B: Egypt vs. Italy (43 : 38), referees Osuský (Czechoslovakia) and Twardo (Poland) // Italy vs. Albania (60 : 15), referees Biget (France) and Eberhardt (Poland)
- games in basic group D: Bulgaria vs. Austria (56 : 13), referees Sceremeta (Poland) and Rushty (Egypt) // France vs. Austria (100 : 6), referees Szeremeta (Poland) and Laskarov (Romania, one time mentioned Bulgaria)

* 3.5.1947 – semifinals group A: Czechoslovakia vs. France (32 : 22), referees Szeremeta (Poland) and Semaško (USSR)

* 4.5.1947 – for 13th place: Yugoslavia vs. Albania (90 : 13), referees Šmíd (Czechoslovakia) and Tvardo (Poland)
- for 7th place: Hungary vs. Bulgaria (59 : 29), referees Czeremeta (Poland) and Maifredy (Italy)

* 3.5.1947 (p. 8 - http://kramerius.nkp.cz/kramerius/handle/ABA001/28816009, according to the copyright law full text available from computers in the National Library of the CR only) – Czechoslovakia vs. France (32 : 22), referees Semaško (USSR) and Szeremeti (Poland)

We also looked in publications relating to history of Czechoslovak basketball, a bibliography of basketball from 1945-1970 but we did not find any other information.


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